Sitemap.xml – what it is and why it is so important for our website?


The entire contents of the blog, so entries, pages and sub-pages are accessible to readers of the blog. No problem, each of us can also use (and often does) with the option to read the archive of entries, where in chronological order all the entries are located and where very easily, often one-click access to the interesting post. It is important also to a list of all your posts, pages and blog pages inform search engines about the frequency of updates performed, as well as provide information about links on pages and blog posts. This is just an XML Sitemap.
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Child themes – how and why create them?


To begin with, that the availability of predefined themes, both free and paid, is extremely high. Despite this, users often want to modify prepared earlier themes and change them which is not necessarily need to in not very correct way. Modification of predefined themes is not considered as a good idea, because of the fact that the authors often include updates to their motives. Therefore, if you, dear users try to modify any files which had been updated earlier, you will unfortunately have to say goodbye to the elements added by you. How to avoid this kind of problem? With help comes mechanism, called child themes.
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