All you have to know about Google Hangouts


Where is the power of Google Hangouts? Well, it offers you something new, something which hasn’t been offered yet. Would you like to lead the presentation prepared to more people via Internet? Or would you like to use the option “ video conversation” and connect with your friend in a moment? If you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you have to know that Google Hangouts wins this battle and you’ll love it!

 Hangout Room
Google Hangouts is a Google instant messaging which connect all the Google method to make calls. How to use it? First of all, you and people with you want to talk have to have an account in Google+. You can invite somebody from your circles of friends and start chatting. Google Hangouts offers you meeting in 10 people for free in the highest quality of sound and very good video quality. You can also chat with your friends and send them one of plenty available emoticons.
What else?
What is more, Google Hangouts provides synchronized operation with GoogleDocs and other programs, for example Caaco. Thanks to this, you can draw diagrams, and paste graphics from your computer. Google Effects offers lots of fun, like adding a crown or another gadgets during your conversation.
Why is it so important in WordPress?
One simple word- CONNECTION. When you have your own blog or site, you definitely know what is the most important to make it successful. You probably have thousand things to do, and Google Hangouts will definitely make it easier. Imagine, you can conduct video call with your friends, fans or cooperators with an ability to broadcast it live on YouTube. What is more, conversation will be automatically add to your G+ profile. Thanks to this service you can save a lot of time which you can spend on something else.
Increase your popularity
I mentioned, that you have a chance to be in contact with your fans. Making an action called “Talk live with me” may be one of the reasons your popularity will grow even more. People, readers, fans love actions like this. You have to try it and see it for yourself!
How to use it?
It’s incredibly easy to use Google Hangouts, and it’s very useful. There are more and more Google+ Users, so actually it’s not a problem that you have to have a G+ account. As I also said, Google Hangouts gives us an enormous chance to be in contact with our fans, cooperators or friends. You may say that it’s nothing new because we already have Facebook Messenger and much more but you really have to try it and make your own opinion about Google Hangouts. I can tell you now that you’ll be glad for sure!