Responsive Web Design – why worthy to consider

Responsive Design

Since a time when Ethan Marcotte published article, what took place in 2010, responsive websites became a hot topic on the website’s designer environment (Ethan Marcotte isn’t a pioneer, but he has a merit with promoting the responsive idea). We can hear the opinion that responsive technique is not only a trend, but, what’s more, it’s a necessity if you want achieve success in the internet reality. Let’s find a reason why that is.

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All you have to know about Google Hangouts


Where is the power of Google Hangouts? Well, it offers you something new, something which hasn’t been offered yet. Would you like to lead the presentation prepared to more people via Internet? Or would you like to use the option “ video conversation” and connect with your friend in a moment? If you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you have to know that Google Hangouts wins this battle and you’ll love it!

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Good and aesthetic website is the key to success. Why WordPress is the best for it?

wp app

We live in an era in which aesthetic things are very valuable for us. If we like something which will have an attractive appearance, then this will be curious and it will be a much better than any other product or service, in which we don’t see that we call “something special”. So the same it’s with websites. These websites which have an interesting design, yet are simple and contain all the important content, will seem to us more interesting and they are these we frequently visit. In short, we are good eyesight and counts for us  what we see. And those who run blogs or pages should do everything in their power to us, the users, to encourage us. How good and aesthetic side is the key to success, and why the best tool for this is WordPress?
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Grid Systems- all you need to know


If you’re a beginner web designer or you would like to be him some day and you want to know what’s now is the most important in this field you definitely should read about grid system. What is it, how to use and what to avoid? We’ve got answers for all of these questions! And what’s more, we’re not going to hide them.
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Icons in Web Design – GLYPHICONS

Network concept / Social media

Monochromatic Irons and symbols are still desirable. That is why it is extremely important to use those icons which are precisely prepared by group of professionals. The main features of this type icons are of course emphasis, simplicity and easy orientation. Glyphicons is a place that will meet your expectations and provide much more than you expect.
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