Responsive Web Design – why worthy to consider

Responsive Design

Since a time when Ethan Marcotte published article, what took place in 2010, responsive websites became a hot topic on the website’s designer environment (Ethan Marcotte isn’t a pioneer, but he has a merit with promoting the responsive idea). We can hear the opinion that responsive technique is not only a trend, but, what’s more, it’s a necessity if you want achieve success in the internet reality. Let’s find a reason why that is.

How it works

Responsive web design (shorther: RWD) is a way in designing and building webpages which allows displaying them in the best and the most useful way depends on device’s screen. Responsive websites customizing their appearance to display’s size to make them more comfortable to watch and read. So, this fact means that your websites can get diverse shape – if you decide to have responsive website you will have a few different layout – every kind of page designed in appropriate way. The bigger version, dedicated to the large screen, will contain lots of graphic, well-developed menu and everything what you want to show your audience. The smaller one will have the same content but it will be deployed differently – to avoid users getting nervous because of the need to scale website by themselves. People who have smaller screen will have an opportunity to browse your page without any arduousness.


Have you ever experienced this unpleasant moment when you had to enlarge the page only by yourself? How many times did you resign of watch that kind of website? Especially when you were in a hurry? Rhetorical questions. Responsive website is a great problems-killer in these cases. If we realize how many internet’s surfers watch webpages via smartphones and tablets, it will be obvious to make the next step and consider about RWD. Technically, it won’t be hard – presently every fluent webdeveloper knows how to implement responsiveness. Honestly, it can be quite time-consuming, sometimes quite expensive, but there’s no need to debate – it’s worth to overcome that little drawbacks. Remember that your landing page is your business card. No matter, if it will be a big one, on the big screen or smaller, on a little smartphone’s screen! All screen resolutions must be compatibile.

Responsive website vs mobile version

Responsive website has a big advantage if we compare it with mobile website version. The main point is related with SEO. Having two versions (standard and mobile) of webpage on the same domain generates problem with content’s doubling. Google robot doesn’t like it! So, if we decide to have a mobile webpage we must be aware of risk – Google can treat your main webpage like something unworthy, contained only copy of content other (mobile) website. It can be an absurd situation and it can complicate your marketing strategy. We won’t have that problem with responsivness. Everything what we put on the page will be unique. So, no problems with brownser’s robot. And No need to pay double for two page’s version! One responsive website will be useful on every device. Sounds (and this is, really) an option worthy to consider.