Sitemap.xml – what it is and why it is so important for our website?


The entire contents of the blog, so entries, pages and sub-pages are accessible to readers of the blog. No problem, each of us can also use (and often does) with the option to read the archive of entries, where in chronological order all the entries are located and where very easily, often one-click access to the interesting post. It is important also to a list of all your posts, pages and blog pages inform search engines about the frequency of updates performed, as well as provide information about links on pages and blog posts. This is just an XML Sitemap.
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How to prevent indexing of pages by Google?


If you do not want Google to indexing your pages, you can prevent it in a very simple way. Just go to your robots.txt file. From where to start and how should you do this? Here are some practical tips and tricks.
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eMarketings and Social Media on your WordPress!


We live in Social Media times, that’s a fact. That’s why our promoting strategy should focus precisely on this aspect. But how can we increase our activities among social media and why is it important?
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Company blog. Why is it so important?

closeup of female dressmaker sketching and drawing dresses with graphic tablet. Horizontal shape, side view

Blogs became very special and very important element of our digital lives. A lot of young people started to express themselves by blogs. But not only private people started to do it. Yes, you’re right – also companies set up their blogs. Why is it so important and why why you haven’t created a company blog?
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Easy Landing Page creation with WordPress!

Above view of several business people working at meeting

“How did they do it?!” – You’ve probably thought like that when you saw beautiful landing pages. Well, to be hinest, it’s not that tough to do like you thought. With a little help from WordPress’ plugins you can create a really good and professional landing page. And what’s the most important – without any payment for developers or even learing of coding! Read more

Email Marketing in WordPress. Are there any useful plugins?

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Email marketing is such a powerful tool but it can be also very frustrating, especially for people who get it. But we just have to get use to it, because we live in such times – times of digital and mobile technology. So, if you’re considering some tools for email marketing, we want you to help you in this by presenting several useful and very popular plugs for email marketing in WordPress. Are you ready?
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The future of blogging

Above view of several business people working at meeting

Maybe, for modern generations, it’s obvious, but if we consider and look closer to the fact how diametrically word ‘publishing’ changed its meaning, we can come to the conclusion that we live in a great but also extremely hard time for people who want to get the success in that area. Easy and common access to the blogging platform generated problems with… overabundance. We as an audience can feel quite overwhelmed. We as a blogger are getting more and more difficult tasks. Where everything is going? How the future of blogging will present us?

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What is and how to use RSS Feed? All you have to know.


RSS is the Very Simple Distribution. What distribution we are talking about? Today, we live in an age where victories are enjoying enormous newer blogs, which number is still growing. As the effect of this process also grows number of the sources of information that are extremely scattered all over the Internet. To avoid unnecessary wasting time by surfing the sites, just use the so-called. Web Feed, which itself informs and provides the user with information. How does it work?
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Best plugins with buttons for social networking!

idea concept, man holding light bulb

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. All of these social networks offer us their official tools, but you should know that the tools available on the market is a lot more, and what’s most importantly, some of them are much more functional than those above. Before you, an overview of the four  of the best plugins for Social Media channels and you’re gonna love them!
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