Responsive Web Design – why worthy to consider

Responsive Design

Since a time when Ethan Marcotte published article, what took place in 2010, responsive websites became a hot topic on the website’s designer environment (Ethan Marcotte isn’t a pioneer, but he has a merit with promoting the responsive idea). We can hear the opinion that responsive technique is not only a trend, but, what’s more, it’s a necessity if you want achieve success in the internet reality. Let’s find a reason why that is.

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How to check the responsiveness on the Firefox website?


In contrast to establishing webpage based on responsive web design, checking whether our work turn out to be correct is a piece of cake. Especially, while using Firefox, which is definitely one of the most friendly browsers when it comes to rwd tests. Read more

How to check the responsiveness on the Chrome website?


After taking care about all the technical issues in order to create a responsive website, it is now time to check its correctness and see whether it actually work properly on any given mobile device. Let us see what can we do to check the responsiveness of our Chrome website.Read more

The most common mistakes made when establishing website with the responsive web design.


Responsive web design slowly becomes a standard and both companies and private persons decide to choose this solution and implement responsive website into their offer. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of really not pleasing the eye mistakes, making it much harder to use the website in practice. In this article we will tell you what are the worst things that may be done with responsive web design and how to avoid them.Read more

Responsive Web Design History


Every self-respecting web user must have heard about responsive web design and probably wanted it to be implemented into his website. This website configuration technique is present among numerous owners’ of the companies, web developers and coders. In this article we will come near to the history of this appellation and try to predict a little bit about its future…Read more

What is Bootstrap and how to use it?


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS and JavaScript framework – a tool made for responsive users’ interfaces supporting mobile devices. In this article we will introduce this amazing project established by the authors of Twitter and help to use the framework.Read more

May I change my website into responsive one?


In our times, IT is one of the most increasing sectors and what goes after this – a lot of aspects and issues concerning it are more popular and more often used. The same is with responsive web design – the technology providing website adjusted to any kind of device, on which the website is being browsed. Lots of companies and private persons establish responsive website, but what with those, who already created “only” desktop one? Can they change their websites into responsive content?Read more

Why is it worth to establish the website through responsive web design?


Despite ever-growing popularity of the responsiveness and its significant meaning for the amount of clients visiting our content, the owners of the blogs or websites still seem to pay too little attention to this phenomenon. In this article, we will introduce few the most common pluses coming after implementing responsive solutions into our website. Read more

What are media queries?


Media queries are directly connected with responsive web design. They appeared relatively recent as a great alternative solution while adjusting our website to given devices. Thanks to media queries, web developers’ lives are way easier and adapting already existing website to responsiveness seem almost pleasure.Read more

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