Responsive Web Design – why worthy to consider

Responsive Design

Since a time when Ethan Marcotte published article, what took place in 2010, responsive websites became a hot topic on the website’s designer environment (Ethan Marcotte isn’t a pioneer, but he has a merit with promoting the responsive idea). We can hear the opinion that responsive technique is not only a trend, but, what’s more, it’s a necessity if you want achieve success in the internet reality. Let’s find a reason why that is.

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Grid Systems- all you need to know


If you’re a beginner web designer or you would like to be him some day and you want to know what’s now is the most important in this field you definitely should read about grid system. What is it, how to use and what to avoid? We’ve got answers for all of these questions! And what’s more, we’re not going to hide them.
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A journey through modern design trends


Trends are constantly changing and evolving, especially in websites design. One of the most important thing is to go with the time and meet the requirements of customers who are becoming more aware and confident of what to expect. For the site was considered a well-designed and modern must comply with current trends. So how then should look like twenty-first century website?
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