Child themes – how and why create them?


To begin with, that the availability of predefined themes, both free and paid, is extremely high. Despite this, users often want to modify prepared earlier themes and change them which is not necessarily need to in not very correct way. Modification of predefined themes is not considered as a good idea, because of the fact that the authors often include updates to their motives. Therefore, if you, dear users try to modify any files which had been updated earlier, you will unfortunately have to say goodbye to the elements added by you. How to avoid this kind of problem? With help comes mechanism, called child themes.
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How to install WordPress on BlueHost?


If you begin the adventure of the Internet and decided to use WordPress, you are well on your way to the ease and pleasure to run your blog or web page. However, before you become famous bloggers, your first action will be to install this tool, so that your site will look professional, and you, even if you have no clue about programming, you will be able to use a lot of features that this CMS offers.
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How to create a shortcode in WordPress?


Shortcode is a very useful tool in the world of WordPress users  which exist from version 2.5, which can give to the editor of the blog  a lot of new opportunities, such as adding entries or compose custom elements without manual entries contain the HTML fragments. As it turns out, adding shortcod to WordPress theme is not difficult and complicated. From what we ought to start?
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How to move WordPress to another server? Tips&Tricks included!


If you’ve ever considered about moving your blog to another server but you didn’t know how to do it, this article will help you thanks to all needed steps that you must follow to properly move your blog. So, from what you should start?

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The child themes

child themes

Although we have a lot of available predefined themes, both free and paid, often advanced users may wish to make some modifications. Sometimes it comes to small changes, adding new styles, color change, but sometimes change is required serious concern new features. Modification of the original theme is not a good idea. Most of the better themes will be regularly updated by the authors, if only to take advantage of the new version of WordPress, or patch any bugs and vulnerabilities. If the new version will include changes to the files that we modify our extras disappear, because the files will be replaced by those from the newer version.

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How to install WordPress locally – all you need to know

install wp

WordPress installed locally, or on your computer or on the local server is a very good solution for both beginners and those more advanced. You have an opportunity to test the possibility of WordPresss in a very simple way , but also save time and money. So how do you install WordPress locally?
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The power of the WordPress Codex

WordPress codex

Which place is the best for finding precise informations of WordPress issues? Go to the main source and check the WordPress Codex – an official online help center from the developers of WordPress.

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