How to create account for new user?

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If you need to create an account for a new user and you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. It’s not so complicated and in this tutorial you’ll get everything you need in this aspect. Let’s do it!
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How to display recently registered users in WordPress?


Whether you run your own blog or manage the company’s website, it is always good to display more information about new users of your website. Fortunately, WordPress provides us with lots of possibilities to customize displaying this information to our own, specified needs. Let us get started!Read more

How to move a site from WordPress Multisite to Single Install?

This article is devoted to brief, few-steps instruction of changing WordPress multisite into single install. Remember that this is somehow invasive action and definitely advisable is to create a full backup of all your WordPress content. Read more

How to add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress?


In this article, you will find out what have to be done to successfully add SSL and HTTPS onto your WordPress website. At first, keep in mind the fact that SSL is needed to correctly implement HTTPS, so remember about the order.Read more

How to disable automatic updates in WordPress?

Automatic updates may be very helpful and time saving, however there are situations, when they could have mess up with our content. This refers to problems with different plugins or themes in most cases. How to disable automatic updates in WordPress?Read more

How to transfer posts on different WordPress website?


It may happen that in some time we will want to transfer all our posts into different website, different WordPress domain. In this article we will tell you exactly what and how to do to enjoy successful result of this process.Read more

How to transfer WordPress on a different server?


In this article, we will introduce you simple and clear instruction of transporting your WordPress page into different server. Thanks to our tips step by step you will easily make this process on your own.Read more

How to increase the capability of my WordPress?


Every advanced product may be used in either 10% or 100% depending on the users’ attitude. The same comes with the WordPress. How to expand its capability and enjoy fully satisfying usage of this CMS?Read more

How may I increase the safety of my WordPress ?


Being one of the most popular CMS systems, WordPress is particularly exposed to all sort of attacks from hackers and malicious robots or scripts. The enormous amount of WordPress installation is infected or taken over daily only due to owners’ lack of any kind of renovation. All WP users should attach importance to that matter, that is why we introduce you some preventive tips which will help you guard against unwanted assaults.Read more

How to make a WordPress backup?

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There is nothing any WordPress user need less than another stressful factor – possibility of losing all data from our websites. Such scope may be validated by not only our own’s unwitting fault or hackers’ break-in but also unforeseen server crash or even incorrect, automatic WordPress update. Due to that reasons complete creation of your website’s backup is essential.Read more

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