How to monetize your blog?


Blog definitely is an idea to make money. It may be the main source of income and brings many other benefits. However, running a blog is really hard work, and only those who are regularly improve their blogs wait patiently for “this” moment, can achieve success. How to start making money on the blog? What steps to take to our passion turned into a source of income?
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Find a WordPress job

WordPress job

‘I’m fluent in WordPress’ – that’s a claim which we see on many CV and job applications. More and more people declare being good or even advanced in WordPress stuff. But what does it mean exactly and how this skill can help in creating a career path?

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Sucuri Security – one more protection plugin


This plugin specializes in WordPress Security so using it, you can be sure about high protection against burglary to your WordPress installation. But what else can offer us Sucuri Security?Read more

Acunetix WP Security


Acunetix is one of these plugs which are not only functional but also very easy to use and understand. The main aim is of course secure WordPress installation but also suggestions about corrective measures for many aspects. So, how does work Acunetix?Read more

All in One Security – How to protect our WordPress webpage?


Another plugin which protects websites based on WordPress is All in One. Why is it so good and you should read further about it? Well, let us introduce you one of the most extensive plug which can take your website security to a whole new level.Read more

iThemes Security – another plug for WordPress security


Wait a minute…We’ve already talked about one plug against burglary and now you’re going to tell me that there’s another? Yes, you’re totally right. iThemes Security is a plug which helps protect a page based on WordPress. In what way?It shows us changes we should introduce and defines them as Low, Medium and High Priority.
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WordPress security- BulletProof Security


There is a lot of available plugins which protects our blogs or websites against burglars. One of them is WP BulletProof Security. How does it work what stands out from the competition?
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WordPress Security- WordFence plugin


The Internet, as we know, is a treasure trove of knowledge, information and trivia. It is a very good tool, which allows us to keep abreast o issues of interesting us. The Internet has also created new jobs. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of that fantastic invention. We live in times when very often encounter the vigorous activity of hackers, who are still trying to invade our websites or blogs. To prevent unpleasant incident of burglary for WordPress, with the help to us comes plug Wordfence. How does it work?
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WordPress security – why is it so important?

closeup of female dressmaker sketching and drawing dresses with graphic tablet. Horizontal shape, side view

If you’re a blogger or website owner, you’ve probably met all good part of what you do. But you have to also know about that being a member of Internet sociality is associated with a risk of website’s hack. Even if you think your website is secured or you don’t think it needs protection, you’re wrong. Why and how WordPress can help us in this process?
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Grid Systems- all you need to know


If you’re a beginner web designer or you would like to be him some day and you want to know what’s now is the most important in this field you definitely should read about grid system. What is it, how to use and what to avoid? We’ve got answers for all of these questions! And what’s more, we’re not going to hide them.
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