How can I prepare myself before the commission of creating the website?


You have your company, which is a well prospering business and it seems that there is a perfect time for entering the next level of marketing and recognizability – conducting your website. During this process you are no longer the contractor, but a customer, and therefore no one will expect you to be an expert. However, out of consideration for your professionalism and safety, it is very important to take a deep research into software developing subject matter and answer few significant questions concerning establishment of the dreamed website. What is really significant for your customers?Read more

What do I need to establish my own website?


This time has approach and you have just decided that you or your company needs to use marketing kindness of worldwide internet and therefore, it is high time to establish your firm’s website. Fortunately, nowadays it is really simple and problem-free. What do we need then, to create our webpage?Read more

Will I handle managing WordPress company website?


No matter what is the size, the type or the aim of your company, website is a total must-have and also the first flagship for your business. Customers rate your products and services through quick, superficial view of what they see on the webpage. Do not let this habit to limit your possibilities and start managing your own company website with WordPress right away!Read more

How to choose the best hosting supplier?


Let us first take a look on hosting definition. What actually this activity is? Who is it for? And the last, but not least – how to choose the best hosting company with the best benefits for both parties?Read more

How much does the WordPress website cost?


The total cost of obtaining our own website vary from few to a dozen or so thousands of dollars. Different companies offer us different service, hosting etc, but this is still very expensive and not always necessary solution.

In this article we will introduce you all costs connected with running our own website on cheap and very useful alternative – WordPress CMS.Read more

What is better for your website – set theme or dedicated project?


While preparing the website for meeting all of our expectations concerning the overall quality of the page, artwork seem to be crucial. As most of the people are visualizers, it is extremely important to take a good care about the graphic issues. Read more

Multilingual website – why and how?


Multilingual websites are more often choice of companies’ idea for perfect webpage. As living in the times of globalization and extremely ease access to the Internet from almost any place in the world, obtaining multilingual website will probably cross through your mind. Which is actually a very good solution, especially if you are keen on striking markets from abroad.Read more

WordPress’ plugins. Overview of MUST USE plugins!


WordPress has the biggest power in comparison to other systems that manage the content on blogs and professional websites. There is no doubt, that high position of WordPress probably won’t be threatened by other systems, what’s more there’s a chance to make its impressiveness even better and attract more people. To make your WordPress even more attractive, you should download most useful plugins. Which are the best?
Read more

Template for WordPress – paid or free?


WordPress offers a lot of features for its users. One of these are templates. Especially for novice users of this CMS, select such a template that will be appropriate, may be a problem. If you come to this decision regarding the choice of free or paid template, something that at first seems to be obvious is much more complicated. What is the difference between paid and free website templates and what will be best for us?
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