A journey through modern design trends


Trends are constantly changing and evolving, especially in websites design. One of the most important thing is to go with the time and meet the requirements of customers who are becoming more aware and confident of what to expect. For the site was considered a well-designed and modern must comply with current trends. So how then should look like twenty-first century website?

Currently the market is mastered by tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. We use them mainly and most of our time. And it is one of the most important aims for those who design websites to create websites which are conform of their websites with mobile devices. This is a very important aspect which must not be forgotten and downplayed. Pages on mobile devices should be convenient to use, and the items placed on it should be kept to a minimum.

Responsively design

Responsive means conformable. Responsive website synchronizes with different sizes of screens and it changes its appearance depending on the size of the screen on which it is displayed. Large screens provide the ability to use the full space, while the websites played on smaller screens can completely change their look, while still retaining the principle of utility, functionality and comfort.

This image is a vector file representing a responsive design concept on various media devices.


Do you know the rule “Less is more”? Of course you do. Currently, the most popular trends in web design are simple layouts, site’s clarity and the overall harmony of the site. Since the websites began to appear simple but still functional, we can see that using them can be more fun and much more easier.

Flat design

This trend is connected with transparency and it means that during process of website designing we must consider the convenience of using our work by others. In other words, the layout of the website should be arranged in such a way that the human eye, looking through it, could rest. The secret is to implement a larger amount of space between different systems on the website.



Elegant and stylish look of the webpage is a must. Today, if your website doesn’t look good, doesn’t exist. In the end you are not take seriously and as a professional. So that is why all of the elements attached to the side should be in high quality. All of the pictures, videos, colors and fonts should look coherent, elegant, but also modern and innovative. You have to forget about flashy colors, shiny emblems and kitschy fonts. This era is over. Hopefuly, forever.


Navigation and Social Media

Another “must use” element which means that all social media buttons are so placed on the website that are fixed and do not disappear along with the scrolling site. They should be clearly visible and attached in such a place, do not interfere, and at the same time encourage them to click on them.

Advanced use of CSS

Thanks to advanced using CSS, web designing has become much more interactive and innovative. You can add 3D transformations, animations, layer-transfer modes with compatibility and efficiency. All you have to remember is style and elegant look.

Of course all of these trends are properly now, we don’t know what will future brings. Maybe next year we’ll talk about something completely different trends and those that guide us today will be considered as an Internet faux pas?