Acunetix WP Security


Acunetix is one of these plugs which are not only functional but also very easy to use and understand. The main aim is of course secure WordPress installation but also suggestions about corrective measures for many aspects. So, how does work Acunetix?

Acunetix WP Security, as you read before, suggests you to make a corrective actions such as passwords, file permissions, database security, version hiding and WP admin security. All the requirements you need to meet is WordPress version 3.0 and higher and PHP5 (tested with PHP Interpreter >= 5.2.9).

How does it work?

Well, first of all, Acunetix is responsible for prepare automatic backups. What’s more, it hides wp-version in backend-dashboard for non-admins and it’s integrated to change the database prefix.

Acunetix also removes a lot of options which might be unnecessary and dangerous for your WordPress installation. What does it remove? For example plugin-update and theme-update informations for non-admins, core update information for non-admins, Windows Live Writer meta tag, version in URLs from scripts and stylesheets only on frontend and much more. It also disables database error reporting and PHP error reporting.


So, if you consider about new plugins for security of your WordPress, you definitely should think about Acunetix also!