AdSense – start making money on your blog

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If you’re a blogger that’s obvious that you want make money on it. Times when somebody said that he’s doing it just for himself without any financial expectations are gone. Blogging is a profession of our times so no wonder that we want money for doing it. One of the ways to make money id AdSense. What is this and how does it work?

Okay, so what exactly is AdSense?

The main way to earn money on this business is display contextual ads that are paid per click. This means that if you work with someone who places his advertising on your blog and one of your readers clicks on that ad, you earn automatically.


Contextual ads can be placed as a billboards,  videos or link units with passwords. If your blog contains billboards or videos, you’ll get the money after clicking it by reader. If your ads are links, first your reader is directed to website with list of ads given to special word and if he clicks in it, you’ll earn.

How much is it?

How much you can earn? These amounts range from a few cents to several dollars, which with good impressions and clicks your ad may bring considerable profits and a really good earnings.

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What else?

Google AdSense is not only system of contextual advertising. It’s something more. One of the main aims is recommending products and services google. You can recommend someone and if this person earn in 6 months 100$, you’ll earn 250$.

It’s very important to catch the perfect moment and enlist the help of Google, which undoubtedly are the AdSense ads. That is why you should definitely join to AdSense community and start making money!