An online shop on WordPress? Yes please!

Above view of several business people working at meeting

If you’re thinking about opening an online store and you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! WordPress is one the best places to use for e-commerce and even if you don’t think  it’s good for you, after reading this article, we’re almost sure that you’re going to change your mind. Let’s do it! Let’s open an online store based on WordPress!

Before getting more informations about useful plugins for online shop you should know why exactly it’s extremely worth to base on WordPress. Well, first of all a lot o companies, included the biggest brands, trusted this CMS and the number of new online stores based on WordPress is getting bigger and bigger. What’s more, as you probably know, WordPress is one of the most easy to use and understand tool you’ve met in your life and amount of add-ons, extensions, templates. The cost of such start-up a store is relatively low so it’s another argument for WordPress. Okay so to what we should pay attention  when planning to open an online store? Which plug-ins are the best and how much it will cost?

WP e-Commerce

This plugin since we met her (2007) is still progressing and it’s updated. Its extension is totally free but if you want to have additional features you’ll have to pay for them. But, what should be noticed, most needed functions for running an online store is included in free version of plugin. It is worth mentioning that the WP e-Commerce has built-in support for multilingual shops (using WPML plugin) and for network installations (Multisite).


One of the best plugs about more informations will be available in our article next week so today we’re going to just mention about it. WooCommerce’s extensions which number is seriously enormous cost and it’s not that cheap, but let us tell you something. Since this plug has appeared a few years ago, number of downloads he exceeded the number several million. Like we said, more important and useful informations about WooCommerce will appear on our blog next week. You’re invited! :)

Easy Digital Downloads

If you want to sell virtual products, this plugin is just made for you. It’s free but of course, if you want to use extensions, you’ll have to pay for them. What’s worth to notice, that Easy Digital Downloads is really well written.


As in the previous plug-in, this also is created to sell the virtual products. And the same as Easy Digital Downloads, Exchange has really good reviews. What’s interesting fact about this plug? It’s built with modules and you it’s your decision which module should be activated.

Opening an online store based on WordPress is definitely a good decision, that’s a fact. But what in situation when you’re a totally beginner and you have no idea which plug will be the best for you and your store? Well, you can find more informations about plug you’re interested in, you can catch a contact with people who actually use it and ask if everything is okay. You can also use the plug which is actually the most popular among shop owners because the plug position did not come from nowhere. So what are you going to do?