Another plugin for eCommerce? Yes, please!


Jigoshop is another useful plugin for running e-store based on WordPress. As authours of this products says, Jigoshop is a plugin with extensive experience and unbelieveably easy of use. What else has this plugin?


What’s the most important, using Jigoshop the owner has the web store for his website and complete control of it. Setup of e-store is very quick and simple. Of course, there is a lot of extensive, for e.g. settings base country, currency, stock management or payment gateways out of the box and much, much more.

Types of products

What product types Jigoshop offers? There are several options of product types including downloadable or virtual products, variable products which offers sizes: S,M,L for one product, external products and products which are grouped.

Your store is the most important

As an owner of online shop you must see your statistics, right? Jigoshop’s features include sales graphs and newest notifications. What’s more, you will be given real-time insight of your shops performance!

Modern business office workplace technology concept: laptop computer, tablet PC, black glossy touchscreen smartphone with stock market financial application, documents with financial reports, graphs and charts, ballpoint pen and cup of coffee on wooden office table

Next very useful feature of this plug is system of stock management. It’s managing your shop stocks and informs you of low stock and thanks to this fact, your shop will never runs out of stock.

As creators of Jigoshop says, this plug has over one hundred extensions which includes more Payment Gateways, Shipping methods and much, much more! So, are you going to use this plug? R maybe you actually do use it and you want to share your opinion?