Why is it worth to establish the website through responsive web design?


Despite ever-growing popularity of the responsiveness and its significant meaning for the amount of clients visiting our content, the owners of the blogs or websites still seem to pay too little attention to this phenomenon. In this article, we will introduce few the most common pluses coming after implementing responsive solutions into our website. Read more

What are media queries?


Media queries are directly connected with responsive web design. They appeared relatively recent as a great alternative solution while adjusting our website to given devices. Thanks to media queries, web developers’ lives are way easier and adapting already existing website to responsiveness seem almost pleasure.Read more

Responsive web design frameworks


Responsive web design slowly becomes a must for any website and as long as it provides a great number of facilitations and attracts lots of users, for web developers it is no longer such pleasant solution. For the creators of webpages, RWD is just another code to write, another tests to make. Fortunately, there is a possibility to make an usage of anothers’ experience and knowledge – use a framework.

Frameworks are a great tool to markedly speed up work and lessen the differences between browsers. What kind of responsive web design frameworks should you know?Read more

What is better – responsive web design or mobile website?


While thinking about creation of your own website you may come across this specific problem – what kind of website should I establish? Will mobile webpage be more effective than the one created within responsive web design? In this article, we will try to come near to the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions and help you find the most suitable one for your needs.Read more

How to make money with WordPress?


Except for its main purpose, which is ability to create blogs and websites, WordPress also offers us possibility to earn money. What and how can we do to profit from this CMS?Read more

Content Writing Service


WordPress gives us plenty of opportunities to earn real money. The most popular ways to do so are connected with web maintenance, designing, creating plugins. However, being perfect marketplace for software developers, WP also has a huge job space for the content suppliers. Read more

How to become a professional blogger?


Nowadays blogging is one of the most famous way of expressing oneselves. You can blog about anything you want. Such a great popularity is definitely conditioned by huge progress of CMS like WordPress and an increase of its recognizability among the web users. But how from typing down our thoughts may we skip to obtaining real profits from our website? We have prepared a few issues which absolutely have to be considered while thinking about blogging for big this time. Read more

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