Email Marketing in WordPress. Are there any useful plugins?

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Email marketing is such a powerful tool but it can be also very frustrating, especially for people who get it. But we just have to get use to it, because we live in such times – times of digital and mobile technology. So, if you’re considering some tools for email marketing, we want you to help you in this by presenting several useful and very popular plugs for email marketing in WordPress. Are you ready?

1. Newsletter

Newsletter’s main features allows you to have unlimited subscribers with statistics and unlimited emails with tracking. Of course your Emails has versions of Html and Text and all messages are fully translatable from Admin Panel.Of course there is an option to extend basic version of plug, including a reports extension and extension that turns blog post int newsletter.

2. SendPress Newsletters

This plug has very simple editor and it provides very easy setup. Of course, there is no limited number of subscribers and what’s more, you can get the most important stastistics about your email marketing. There is an option to schedule time of sending the mails and what’s the important to notice, SendPress Newsletters is synced to WordPress roles.

3. MailPoet

This plug offers you to create of course newsletters but also automated emails, post notifications and autoresponders. You can drop your posts, images, social icons and change the fonts and colors on the fly. This plug is very simple and easy to use. But what’ more important, it’s really good and the quality of it is high. So if you need somethig good and useful, Mail Poet is definitely made for you.

4. Opt-in Panda

If you’ve got something very important on your website as valuable content, case studies or something different, you can offer access to this content but only if user give you his e-mail. Recipient will see the misty content, and only after an appropriate e-mail address, get full access to the article.

5. Ninja Kick Subscription

Thanks to this plug, your content will look not only even more modern but also it will be responsive. It provides you the CSS3 transitions effect. Thanks to this, the subscription form appears, pushing aside the content, at a time when visitors perform a specific action on the page. It will load the page scrolls to the desired location, or click button or link. Creatives will automatically adapt to the resolution settings on your part.