External linking and SEO


Linking is the second most important aspect when it comes to the SEO. Link-building will strongly improve your company’s SERPs ranking spot and therefore, should draw your attention while creating the profile of your website.

In recent article, we introduced you internal linking, its meaning, all know-hows and few tips. Now let us take a quick view on external linking matter, which is an arguable one. Such demeanor has as much of the supporters as the opponents.


From sociological point of view answering ‘shall I put any external links into my content?’ question is a great wonder for every dotcom author. Will I promote similar artificers and increase competition around my specific niche or shall I gather alike hotheads and create corporate space for related customers? Such decision is up to each originator, but have in mind that sometimes allocating outside sources is simply kind and useful, you just helped out other web users. Which also pluses in theirs eyes and your ‘widely-read professional’ reputation improves. So, whether you want it or not, it is good to know how to work with them anyway.


The safest way is to give a feedback of authors/firms which are somehow combined with your kind of interest; run expletive ideas or products. There is no point in placing endless amounts of unrelated websites, it only makes your service look worse and less serious.

Be careful about the reputation of the linked page. If you refer to something in a negative way, you can make a use of nofollow attribute, which equals to neutral or poor attitude to the given link and tells web crawlers not to follow it

If you especially search for increasing ranking power, you should get familiar with some of the factors, which are indicating the value of an external link. For example, popularity of the linked page, number of domains attached to the external website, anchor text or reliance.


External links are definitely a controversial issue and are taken into consideration through individual’s attitude. Nonetheless, there may appear strong need for using them and at that time you should be already prepared to save your work and time. Of course, when building our web position among number of different propositions the last thing we need is a competition, but there is nothing wrong in small assistance in similar sector or simple share of the site you actually enjoy visiting, is it? It’s all about the balance.