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WordPress job

‘I’m fluent in WordPress’ – that’s a claim which we see on many CV and job applications. More and more people declare being good or even advanced in WordPress stuff. But what does it mean exactly and how this skill can help in creating a career path?

The answer is short and absolutely obvious – knowing how to use the most popular content management system is in some way a demand which we must achieve if we want to be attractive on nowadays employment market in industries such as journalism, advertisement, marketing (especially internet marketing and search engine optimization) and many, many more. If we realize that every corporation and even small company have a website or fact that internet is a main area to exist in marketing meaning we won’t have a doubt that proficiency at WordPress can be lucrative advantage.

What can you do with WordPress on your CV?

Let’s look a little bit closer at convicement that WordPress is necessary to be familiar with. Maybe firstly think and put in mind of – do you know someone who got the job and win the competition about new position among other participants just because of WordPress skills? That’s really common situation – people who are fluent in computing are more attractive than people without knowledge how to use possibilities that modern technology provides. Even if someone is a great specialist with great school education – without proficiency in computer stuff getting a job is very hard. But wait – who doesn’t know how to use computer nowadays? Of course, everybody. But proficiency is more than average knowledge. And with WordPress is the same – just knowing how to add new posts and manage website is different than organize everything from the beginning. So, WordPress skills – but what exactly you should know about it?




What is worthy to know in WordPress at your profession

If you are (or want to be) a content creator or copywriter you don’t need to know how to WordPress plays exactly. Obviously, it’s great to know a little more about WordPress possibilities, but people who are ‘text-specialist’ don’t need to have advanced knowledge. It’s better to focus on broaden writing skills and find an inspiration to create a great content. In this case WordPress is just a tool, just a medium to put text. If you have an ambition to become a web designer or even web developer, knowing WordPress is, without any doubts, basic. Even if you plan to work on different platform or you want to build a webpage from the beginning using special programming language, you should know something more about WordPress – the most popular content management system. In this case WordPress also can be a good option to start learning, to get the general information about “how internet works”. And what’s the greates – WordPress lets open door to rebrand, to get a job in new industry. Sometimes people get job in places connected in some way with IT without strict IT education. As statistics shows, in today world we have demand for people who can connect humane skills like writing or graphic design with a little more technical competence. WordPress can open the door to find job in advertising agency, publishing house or just give an opportunity to work as a freelancer in some much more niche industry. So, if you want to be more attractive in employment world, try to start an adventure with WordPress!


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