Flat Design – flattened internet


From the approximately five years we can see radical changes in web design’s trends. No gradients, no colorful and striking animations, no flashy illustrations, no pronounced fonts. Just minimalism and simplicity. Sounds boring? On the contrarily! Flat design has milions of fans, not even in graphics’ realm, but also among the average users. And for sure, if we consider about UI and UX, we must say that it’s a great tendency.

Modern trend?

If we think about a flat design we can say – ‘wow, how elegant, how smart and how modern’. Every adjectives are good to describe this graphic’s trend, but be aware of word ‘modern’. The idea of minimalist aesthetic has longer (than it can seem to be) story. Using intensive but quite smoked colors and simple geometry is nothing new. Modern designers was inspired by Bauhaus – the group of artists from school in Germany that combined a crafts and the fine arts.




The main idea of flat design is, as was mentioned at the begging, simplicity. The implicity it’s a supporting usability. The usability it’s a supporting users’ contentment and nice experience. A great connection of the most important aspects of using the internet.

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring

Flat design philosophy, concentrated on minimalist aesthetics, is based on an idea of clarity. Flat design in some way reorganized understanding of webpages’s destiny. It sounds pathetic, but it’s true. The main idea of website is getting the information. Graphic effects should just (or maybe primarily) supports the way of broadcast web’s content. And flat design allows getting that aim. No irritating effects, just clear navigation and simple formated text – that is what flat design proposes.


hello flat design


Flat design has a few general principles like joining only two or three colors, choosing appropriate typography – wide subject or making special flat icons, but obviously, creative graphics treat them only like a base. They try modify and find new solutions. It’s more and more common to use parallax effect (a few examples). And the results can be outstanding (a few examples).

Flat design gives also some technical advantages. That’s quite obvious – less graphic stuff generates quicker page’s loading. Web developers often implement flat websites by using CSS (only). The new third version provides a lot of opportunites, so in many cases there’s no need to add other things. Flat design is comfortable also in designing mobile and responsive version. Clear and intuitive appearance won’t confuse user’s – and that’s the most important goal.

Flat forever?

Every trend, even when it seems to be the greatest, won’t last forever. That’s the human nature – we want changes, we want discover something new, something more creative, something fresh. And we like to be perverse. So, maybe in the future we will come back to flashy and colorful websites? But now, let’s celebrate flat design goodness!