Follow these simple tips to save your WordPress!


You probably have no idea how many times hackers have tried to hack your WordPress’ content. If you didn’t have the awkward situation with some “funny” hackers, good for you. But you need to know that the danger of hacking is extremely high. To protect your content you definitely should follow tips recommended by us to protect your property.

1. User, Admin, Administrator…

If your login is called exactly like these above, you definitely should change that. These are the most popular nicks, so first of all you should change and use some useful security plug like for example Better WP Security which  block users automatically after several failed attempts.

2. Updates

Always remember about updateing WordPress to its latest versions. The team of this CMS constantly works on improvements and security so that is why you should use it.

3. Plugins and themes

Look at the point 2. There has to be some important reasons to active developing not only main tool but its “accessories” like plugins and themes. Update them because the older plug is, the bigger risk of hacking. If you don;t use some plugins or themes, unistall it! There is a high risk to hack your content becuse of the old, not updated and not used plugs.

4. Passwords

It’s something that you just must know about – stron password. Forget about “1234” or “admin12345” or something even more ridiculous. Use a combinations of numbers, upper and lowercase, that will be stron passowrd. Example? GhbtGkdY673Hytg. Yes, believe us. And don’t gorget about changing your login! Don’t be an “Admin” anymore!

5. Double security

Use double security by .htaccess file! It’s very useful and important. If you need more informations about this process, wait for tomorrow :)


These are five really, really simple tips but what’s more important – they really work and followin them you can be sure that you protect your WordPress as much as you can.