Free WordPress or paid CMS?


Why free WordPress is a better solution than other, paid CMS?

Prospective owners’ of their own websites keep on asking the same question at the very beginning of their dotcom adventure – ‘Shall I choose free or paid CMS for my webpage?’ And just in the sake of accurateness, contrary to appearances the fact that WordPress is free is only one of the actual preponderances of paid solutions.

Advantages of free WordPress:

  • Free plug-ins and extensions give you lots of possibilities
  • It’s an Open Source
  • Programmers may easily work with your CMS
  • Lots of available publications helping to understand how the system works

Choosing paid CMS may at the beginning seem a better idea – at last, when you pay for something it should have a great quality, right? Someone creates it especially for you, and provides you continued technical support. That is true, however, first objective shows up in a few moments. For example, a lot of people still misunderstands “paid CMS” and “customized CMS”. They think that paying for your software will make it incredibly effective and compelling, but often they have to face sad reality – such activity costs much more and is simply a different process, which is rarely provided.


What is more, when you buy license, you actually sign a contract with a specific creator of the given system. Working on WordPress will definitely facilitate finding a relevant software developer. Particularly every programmer is able to wag around WP system and will easily adapt to your expectations, which may be a problem while using specified, paid CMS.
WordPress is free, but as we all know – there is no such thing, as a free lunch, and it also takes some costs. For example, a programmer who has to work for you with this system, or some premium extensions, which mostly are free of charges, but happen to be paid. These are of course extremely small costs of using the WP, however we need to be aware of them.