Google Analytics – what is it and why is it so important for bloggers?


If you have a Gmail account, in addition to running a blog there are no obstacles to have a very helpful tool for you – Google Analytics. It is available free of charge and it has been provided ten years ago by Google. Google Analytics is a computer investigator who collects and stores all the data about what is happening on your blog. So if you want to know who and when  visit your blog and from which city read your latest entries, you can be sure that this Google Analytics will meet your expectations.

Necessary tool for blogger

Google Analytics is a tool for bloggers who are just interested in statistics and want to have control over what happens in about the blog, but also for bloggers who want to start making money on the blog. There is no secret that the blogger is a “proffession” now and it can be extremely profitable and reach the author of entries among the celebrities (people generally known, but often do not know why). But back to the issue of making money on a blog. The information you receive from Google Analytics, you can use eg. In an advertising campaign with Google AdWords.

Install Google Analytics

After log in or registering to Gmail, visit Click on “create an account” and then enter the e-mail address and password. After logging in, register and select the “Universal Analytics,” and when you set up your account, enter all the required data. At the bottom of the page, click on the “Download  ID tracking”, then select your country, and if you agree to the terms and conditions offered by Google, click “Accept”. Ok, you already have an account with GA. You are in the Admin Panel, in which a crucial role plays  tracking ID and tracking code.

Integrate Google Analytics blog

Google Analytics will work as it should, if you integrate it with your blog. Log in to WP Admin Panel, and then find a place in the installed peel, where you have to write GA tracking code. Now you can log in again, again go to the Administrative Panel and click on the “Reporting”. It is in this tab, you will find all the information important for  you.

And for advanced users …

As time passed, you’ll certainly become far more advanced user of both the blogosphere and Google Analytics. If you find that this is THIS time, you have the option, which previously would be for you a little too difficult and incomprehensible. Generate reports, conversion rates, as well as ROI (return on investment) are the options offered by GA. You can use them if you are able to do it. Good luck!