The history of WordPress

idea concept, man holding light bulb

WordPress is the best known blogging platform, focusing millions of people from all around the world. It will be nice to get to know how everything began.

Officially WordPress started in 2003, but the idea of this open source blogging tool has a longer story. WordPress is a broaden version of application called b2cafelog, created by Michael Valdrigh, written in PHP language and based on MySQL database system. The name was suggested by Christine Selleck – a friend of two WordPress’ programmers  Mike Little and Matthew Charles. What’s interesting, further version was called in tribute to well known jazz musicians (because of faunders’ passion for that kind of music).

It didn’t take much time to get a real success.  After unfavourable changes in Movable Type’s licence many users decided to migrate to WordPress. The platform became more and more famous. For years WordPress was the most popular content management system. Nowadays we can say that nothing has changed and WordPress is the king of the blogging area!


Let’s find why WordPress is so popular. This is a short list of the advantages.

1. WordPress is based on GNU General Public Licence, so… it costs nothing. It’s totally free! Everyone has an opportunity to try it without any payment. Regardless of the fact that when you’re blogging just for fun or if you’re using WordPress to the much more serious aims – you pay nothing. Obviously, in the situation when someone wants to have an unique domain name (without on the end of URL) it’s necessary to find some hosting agency. There are also a fees which are connected with some special themes, but generally speaking – WordPress is free!

2. WordPress is really simple and useful. There’s no need to be advanced in HTML or CSS (but of course, it would be great if the user knows a little bit about that topics). A great organized dashboard helps by providing simple way to manage the website. A few minutes could be enough to know how to use it.

3. WordPress is dedicated for everyone. There are three options:

hosted version

version for install on the PC

multi-blog version

Depends of needs, everyone can try to have and manage the website.

4. WordPress gives a thousand ways to customize website regard of users’s tastes. Everyone can find something interesting by using featured plugins and themes.

5. WordPress’ website is comfortable to set if we carry on SEO. Through the plugins and some smart tricks webpage can be fast and efficiently indexed by the most popular browser.

WordPress is simple, useful and comfortable. If you don’t believe, try other CMS like Joomla, Dropal or Typo3. It has been said without any malice :)