How can I delete Google filter?


In the previous article we brought up ban and filters issues, as a way of Google punishment for incorrect positioning. Now we will tell you how to delete such filters and enjoy visible existence in the web space.


First step to delete the filter is to export all the backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools system.

Find ‘your domain backlinks’ bookmark, choose ‘more’ and then ‘sources of the biggest number of links’. Click ‘download more links’ and that is it.

You should also pick links that has to be deleted. When executing that step we advise to take usage of plug-ins showing the exact links that have to be removed.


Now, we have to report all the links indicated to be deleted. Create a file and mark there all deleted links, and ones which should be but from some reasons cannot be removed by you.

If many links come from one specific website, it is advisable to implement ‘’ mark.

When you prepare everything, include the Google Webmaster Tools website and upload your text file.


A week after reporting your filters you shall send an application for reconsideration of your website, together with your text file and information about an effort you put into getting rid of unwanted filter and what was the cause of this problem. The reply should appear in a week or two. If everything is correct your website is again working without any problems.

There may happen that your request will meet refusal, however in that case we advise you to do everything second time, with the special care about links.