How can I prepare myself before the commission of creating the website?


You have your company, which is a well prospering business and it seems that there is a perfect time for entering the next level of marketing and recognizability – conducting your website. During this process you are no longer the contractor, but a customer, and therefore no one will expect you to be an expert. However, out of consideration for your professionalism and safety, it is very important to take a deep research into software developing subject matter and answer few significant questions concerning establishment of the dreamed website. What is really significant for your customers?

Below we present you few crucial questions, that need to be answered, as you care about having true and premium quality work done:


The total basic, but essential. You need you to know and remember about the real purpose of the website all the time, during its process of making. It has to be subtly harmonized with your company and its service through the artwork, graphics etc. Focus on good sites of your business and try to figure how to emphasize them. Do not forget about your weaker parts, though. Who is going to know your work and its results better than yourself? Awareness means development.


Is SEO really that important that we need to recall it in every single article? Does it really change that much? Yes, yes, yes. If you are not in the browsers, you are particularly not existing in the dotcom space. Entering the web market requires some sort of adaption to the given rules. SEO helps the most relevant and valuable content to hit the highest Google scores, be visible for the mass. If you create true, meaningful good or any kind of service, there is no barrier to keep your domain high in the browsers. How to do it? Pay attention to the keywords, they are crucial. Also tags and categories are useful. Software developer should also equip your webpage in various plug-ins and extensions which will help you work on your new website.


CMS is an open source solution, which seem to be very suitable for big number of programmers. Take that into account while making your choice. The price for creating and running CMS website is much smaller than other solutions’ and can be changed easily by not only one specific creator. Such issues may not seem to be priorities, but in the long-term planning they play a huge role. Define your possibilities, opportunities, finance supply etc. carefully and honestly to set the most comfortable action.

These are crucial matters when considering creating the new website for our commercial content. Keep in mind, that at the end of the day, it is all your money. Even though you contract out creating the website, it is still you, who should deep in the most.