How much does the WordPress website cost?


The total cost of obtaining our own website vary from few to a dozen or so thousands of dollars. Different companies offer us different service, hosting etc, but this is still very expensive and not always necessary solution.

In this article we will introduce you all costs connected with running our own website on cheap and very useful alternative – WordPress CMS.


Using WordPress, we eliminate first expense at the very beginning – since hosting service is provided and we do not need to pay for it. Normally this is not very expensive service, as it costs around 30$ per year.

Providing your own domain takes around 15-20$ per year. Total minimum for recognizability and originality.

These are the basics needed to start running your website. As we can see, 50$ per year for such service seems like nothing, so this is a good beginning.


WordPress offer us a lot more than just a basic hosting and the domain. What else can we do and how much does it costs?

Themes. WordPress has more than 100 basic themes and the most interesting ones are paid. Their price vary from 19$ to 150$ per year.

Plug-ins. WP offer a huge number of plug-ins and extensions, some of them are paid (around 10-25$/per year), however, thanks to its functionality, WP has so many options that it is rarely needed to use additional, paid plug-in.

Adverts. We may get rid of them by less than 30$ per year.

CSS code. If we have some PHP knowledge, we may easily make changes in our themes’ code. The access costs 30$ per year.

These are the costs connected with running our own website on WordPress CMS. The most important is to understand what you really need and what may provide you all your ideas. Even though costly solutions have more professional opinion, sometimes there is no point in investing in things, which also may be assert by some other, much cheaper alternative.