How to make a live Google Hangouts?

business team working with tablet pc and laptop in office

It’s no doubts that Google Hangouts is now one of the most powerful tool for live sessions for free. What’s more, you can add this tool to your WordPress page! How to do it?

First what you need to do is go to the website of Google Hangouts and click to the blue button with “Start a Hangout Air”.

Then, after new popup will become, fill the gaps with the name of the hangout, write what is it about, choose when it has to start and select the audience of the hangout. After you’ll set everything you need, please choose the SHARE button.

Probably you’ll notice that you’ve been redirected to your hangout page with all of details about the hangout. Then click on a links icon which is under the hangout details. Thanks to this move, you’ll get the links and embed code of your hangout.

Please copy the YouTube Page URL and go back to your WordPress page, actually go to the article or post where you want to embed your Google Hangouts and paste the YouTube Page URL  (which you’ve copied just a second ago) in the page editor. Sve your changes for the end and have fun with your Google Hangouts!