How to add link in a text editor?


By adding links int your text you not only making your website more convenient but also useful for readers and what’s important – also good looking. Links are very important and what’s the best, adding them in a text editor is extremely simple.

Okay, this tutorial will be as short as it can be because all the process of adding link longs a few seconds. Ready? 3,2,1..Let’s start!

1. First step is to select a word, under which you’ll hide the link. For example like this:

12.Then, click to this icon:


3. After this, you’ll see the window like this one:


In the URL section, you must paste the link and in the Link Text section will be the word or phrase that you’ve selected earlier. If you want to open a link in a new tab/window, choose it in the third line of the text. In the end click the blue button Add Link. Done!