How to add Media files?

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To attract your website or articles you must take care about how it looks like. One of the activities which makes attractive webpage, is adding media files. How to do it?

Sometimes, it’s necessarity to add a several photos or video to encourage readers to click your new post and read it. Adding it, is one of the most easiest think in WordPress and it takes just few moments.

1. First step is to click the place in the editor where exactly would you like to add a media file.

2. After this, it’s time to click the button above the editor which is called “Add media”.


3. The third step is about to choosing the right media file. You can do it by method of dropping the file into the library from the place where it’s saved, like this:


Photos or video files can be descripted thanks to the options at the right side of the file. You can caption it, change the size or alignment,add title or alternative text. After filling this (which is not necessarily), all you have to is click th button with sign “INSERT THE PHOTO”. That’s it!