How to add menu in WordPress?

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You don’t have to be a web developer or a code master in WordPress to create some really important stuff. And you know that. So this, we’re going to tell some tips how to add your own menu in WordPress. It take a few seconds and we;re sure you’re going to handle with this!

Your first step is to navigate to the admin panel and choose the “Appearances” and then “Menus”.

After this step, in the Menu Name area you can actually name it. (It doesn’t matter how you’ll name it because it displays nowhere)

Okay, then you must click “Create Menu”. Now it’s time to add pages and categories to your menu. You’ll do it by clicking into Pages and “Add to menu”. Under the Pages there is a Categories overlap. You should check them and click “Add to menu”.

The last step, in the Theme Locations section set your menu as a Primary Menu and click “Save” button. That’s it!