How to add ‘nofollow’ links in WP navigation menus

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Adding “nofollow” links is not extremely simple but also sometimes needed because many websites’ owners prefer to add this kind of tag. So, how to do it in a very simple way?

WordPress, luckily for us, is this kind of tool which is extremely helpful in any decisions we make. And the same is in this case.

First of all, after log in to admin panel, go to the section Appearance and then Menus. In this section you’ll see navigation menu. In these tables find the section  “Link Relationships (XFN)” and tick it.

Okay, now it’s time to the last step. Go onto the navigation link which you want to add a ‘nofollow’ link to and enter nofollow in the Link Relationship XFN section. To done the good work, click blue save button. And that’s it! :)