How to become a professional blogger?


Nowadays blogging is one of the most famous way of expressing oneselves. You can blog about anything you want. Such a great popularity is definitely conditioned by huge progress of CMS like WordPress and an increase of its recognizability among the web users. But how from typing down our thoughts may we skip to obtaining real profits from our website? We have prepared a few issues which absolutely have to be considered while thinking about blogging for big this time.


What kind of field am I going to introduce to my future readers? What is actually my blog going to be about? Remember about planning! As in every aspect of our lives, it is crucial for any improvement in our blogging as well. You need to think about all the matters of blogging, not only the content itself, but also the look, positioning etc. Those things combined are responsible for high readability and what comes after that – popularity and the profit.


Accurate evaluation of your would-be readers is significant. If you are going to write advisable thoughts for young people you will definitely skip on using serious and formal language. No young mother is going to willingly read a blog about babies if the author uses very conversational language and so on. Everything has to fit, from themes and templates, through the content to the images on your website. When you create your webpage, do not think about yourself, think about everyone else.


With the globalization and possibility of obtaining access to almost anyone in the world, there comes every prospering blogger’s biggest fear – a huge number of competition. Everyone may have a blog and actually a lot of people use this opportunity. Even if you are keen on niche subject, you still have to be prepared for meeting quite strong competition among your field.

Do the research. Thanks to visiting different blogs similar to yours you will be able to learn a lot. Observe their graphics and images. Read their posts to see what is the common style used among your rivals and is it actually attractive for the readers. It is much quicker and cheapest to learn on someone else’s mistakes.

Try to be as original as it may be. Not many web users admire copycats or doubling the same content. If you want to be successful you need to be good and different.


If you are going to post on your blog 10 times this week and 3 times next month, it is a waste of time. Think about the number of your posts and the time of scheduling. You need to be consequent to attract and allure your “clients”. Do not feel down if after a month not many visitors seem to read your webpage. The most famous and richest bloggers are the ones who created their content a few, long years ago and started to built their “product” from the very beginning. They never thought about resigning from the idea because of the initial statistics.


The content, the artwork, graphics, images, your engagement…everything matters for the increase of the popularity of your website. However, if you want some new users to visit (and maybe stay there for a longer time?) your webpage, it is very important to be open for positioning. Remember abou the keywords, SEO plugins, descriptions, internal and/or external linking etc.


Your readers are going to be not only teenagers. Lots of companies are reading different types of blogs as well. If you want to make profit reach out your hand to those companies and take care of nice looking, professional “cooperation possibility” link on your website.

These are the most important aspects concerning creating and running professional blog. Keep them in mind and your content will be definitely appreciated. To warm the subject up we introduce you below the list of the richest bloggers in the world.


#10 EWDISON THEN – the Slash Gear blog author. Earnings: 60,000-80,000$ per month.


#9 MATT MARSHALL – founder of the VentureBeat blog. Earnings: 50,000-100,000$ per month


#8 GINA TRAPANI – the only lady in the ranking. Cofounder of the LifeHack blog. Earnings: ~110,000$ per month.


#7 COLLIS TA’EED – the owner of the TutsPlus. Earnings: 55,000-120,000$ per month.


#6 JAKE DOBKI – the blogger from Earnings: 80,000-110,000$ per month


#5 TIMOTHY SYKES – this blogger makes between 150,000$ and 180,000$ per month.


#4 VITALY FRIEDMAN – founder of SmashingMagazine, Earnings: 150,000-190,000$ per month


#3 MARIO LAVENDERIA – PerezHilton blog author. Earnings: 200,000-400,000$ per month


#2 PETE CASHMORE – CEO and founder of the Mashable blog. Earnings: 560,000-600,000$ per month.
#1 MICHAEL ARRINGTON – the owner and founder of the TechCrunch blog. Earnings: 500,000-800,000$ per month.