How to check the responsiveness on the Chrome website?


After taking care about all the technical issues in order to create a responsive website, it is now time to check its correctness and see whether it actually work properly on any given mobile device. Let us see what can we do to check the responsiveness of our Chrome website.


The above mentioned name is owned by a person, who came up with few useful plugins. One of them is a Web Developer extension, which allows us to inter alia view response headers of the website we are browsing at the moment. After installing the plugin all you have to do is click Size → View Response Headers.


An item of Chrome Web Store, provides ability to tests servers, HTML, JavaScripts, layouts, workflows and much more. Despite those great possibilities the plugin does posses one potential disadvantage – requires signing up for a Free Trial or to create paid account.


If you do not care about checking the responsiveness of your website on any possible mobile device, just for few popular resolutions, you may always do it in an automatic way. Click your mouse on the right side of your browser and constrict it about at least half of the completeness. If you website changes its layout that means it is in fact adjusted to mobile devices.


Those are few ways of checking the responsiveness of the website. It is really quick and easy and definitely worth to see whether our previous effort came with expected results.