How to create a photo gallery?

Collage of summer beach images - nature and travel background (my photos)

As you may or may not know, photos can tell more than a thousand words. And it’s true. You can add one picture and it can be more worthy than words, which means that you have no choice than adding pictures to your articles. What’even more important is whole gallery which looks better and it’s more comfortable to your readers. But how to do it?
Step 1 – Choose the place for your gallery

You can add photo gallery wherever you want to. You just have to go to editing text and point the cursor in the location where you want your photo gallery to appear.

Step 2 – Add phots to WordPress

Now, click the button “Add Media”. Now you can add your photos from the disc or your WordPress library. At the left side, there is an option “Create Gallery” and then choose the tap “Upload files”.




Step 3 – Sending photos to WordPress

Now’s the time for sending your photos. You can add them in two ways – first, by selecting files and the second one by dropping them from your disc.

Step 4 – Create the gallery

If all your photos have been uploaded you can click the “create new gallery”.


Step 5 – Edit and insert the gallery

The last steps is editing the gallery which is optional and there is no necessary to do it. You can choose for e.g. the number of columns. If you’re finish, you can click the button with magical “insert gallery”. And that’s it!


Good luck :)