How to create categories and subcategories?

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Category in WordPress, it’s just like in every other area of life, a set of matched elements. Every category is individual and we can create them in very simple way. How?

If you want to running culinary blog, your categories will be for e.g. “cakes”, “cookies”, ”veggie”. So in this case, what are subcategories? Let’s discuss it, taking as an example “veggie” category. There are a lot of vegetarian food like soups, meat substitutes, salads without a meat and much, much more.  Okay, now you know what is what. It’s time for create a new things.


All you have to do is go to the “Categories” section. It’s very simple step because you just have to follow the informations which are given by WordPress authors. Write the full name of your category and its simplified name (slug) which will be used as part of the URL address. If you like, you can also add a description of each category, but it is not required.


Okay, if you want to create a subcategories, your first steps will be the same as in previous process. The difference is that you have to add which category will be the “parent” of your subcategory. It maybe sounds seriously but believe, it’s not. You’ll see everything and it won’t be complicated.  That’s all!

Good luck everybody! :)