How to create tags to your post?

idea concept, man holding light bulb

What are tags? These are the words – keys that are characteristic of the concrete area of life. With well-chosen tags, you can push the business, brand or person up. Today, however, is not about the importance of tags, but about how to create and add them to your post.

You probably know how to add the post, but before “publish” click you should add something for better positioning. Tags are these elements which can help you to gain more readers and provide better visibility of fasting among thousands of others.

After you’ll finish your text, you can add some tags which will be connected to the content you writing about. For example, if the subject of your deliberations  is a trip to Barcelona for vacation, the best tags for you, would be “holiday 2015” “Barcelona trip” “how to organize a trip”. If you’re writing about WordPress, you can add tags “WordPress tips” “WordPress solutions” etc. It’s very important to write not too many tags but you have to add those which will be easily memorable.


Okay, so if you’ve just finished your article, at right side you’ll see the “TAGS” tap. There is a space to write tags separated with commas. If you write them, all you have to do is click the “Add” button. And that’s it! Now you can publish your article with well chosen tags!

Good luck!