How to earn money by offering WordPress consulting services?


WordPress is the leader of the CMS solutions ranking and is successfully used by millions of users. Thanks to that WP creates a huge opportunity for different fields of professions and makes open market space. In other words, there are few ways to earn money with WordPress. In this article we will introduce you how to implement it with offering consulting services. If you are familiar with the WP system and have a great knowledge about its details, this may be really interesting for you.


The knowledge itself is not everything. The key is to actually obtain an ability to clearly devolve your background to other, less familiar with the subject people and make them understand and solve their problems or doubts. There is a great number of consultants, who have similar ideas and privity, so what define them as a worse or better have much more to do with their interpersonal and teaching skills. Think about your communication and negotiation skills, that may be crucial for your success.


There is no doubt that the competition is huge. Due to that it is important to plan at the very beginning what is going to be your main line and focus basically on this specific matter. There is a plenty of issues to be solved by WP consultants, such as strategy formation, recommendations, full guide to launching or optimizing a WP blog or website etc. You may concentrate either on providing services to the individuals or businesses which are using or are going to use WP as e.g. their marketing tool. Make a market research to find out what is missing on the market and what fields are already fully occupied by the others. Choose your path and head it.


It is a great way of gaining others’ trust and admiration for our skills and knowledge. You may write the most beautiful words about what and how you do, but the third party’s opinion is what attracts customers the most. The real proof of your professional and satisfying work. Another great idea in this matter is to provide consulting services for free to the big, top webpages. Their feedback will give you popularity, recognizability and strong position among the competitors.