How to gain popularity – a few ways for your blog’s marketing !

Gold ingots and coins on financial reports

If you start running the site or blog, usually do not do it just for yourself. The aim is not only  to add posts, but also gaining popularity and growing number of visitors. Some of you surely already have their own blogs, others only think about it and certainly wondering what may depend on the fact that some bloggers achieve marketing success, while others perish among the maze of blogs and probably never again it will not run away from it. So what to do to both authors of posts and their works were appreciated?

Rule number one – write, write and write more!

The regularity of the entries is one of many key contributing to the success of your blog. Both beginners and advanced blogger can’t afford it, that the entries were published once a month or even worse, once every few months, as a result of such actions will be nothing but oblivion. Even if in the beginning no one reads your posts and no one comments it, don’t be discouraged!


To your lyrics are an interesting phenomenon for readers, you should write about what you love or what makes you pleasure. You should also add links to your texts referring to the other entries so that you increase the number of page views. Remember, that your texts should be pleasant to the eye. Create paragraphs, bold font – it really helps, as well as making reading enjoyable .

Social Media Channels are your friends

Yes, it’s true. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn, are your allies in the struggle to gain popularity. One of the many benefits of Social Media, is that not only you can share your posts, but also can do it  users from all around the world! WordPress offers tons of great plugins that make sharing will become even faster and easier, and installing them takes only a moment.

Respond to comments and comment!

It is good to develop this habit from the very beginning of the blog. Respond to comments of your readers and don’t ignore them! You have to be in touch with them and prove that you’re not a robot. Of course, as the popularity of the blog will grow, you will not be able to respond to all of the thousands of comments, but do not forget about responding on some of them.

Commenting works both ways. You should also  comment, ask questions to the authors of other blogs and sending them, and to the others users, link to your blog. But remember tant in addition to a link to your blog, add something and do not spam other sites.

Advertising and analysis

It is very important to make the analysis. Who, when and from what country are reading our posts, and information on what types of records are the most popular statistics, which you can have by thanks to Google Analytics. Google Analytics will definitely make your life much easier and improve the operation of the blog.

Market Analyze

Now that you know the statistics, you will be able to focus on advertising, which can really bring a lot of benefits. Google Adwords is perhaps one of the most popular ways to advertise on the network. This method is based on a fee related to the number of clicks users. Depending on how many readers decides to go to your blog, you will need to pay a fee. Of course, you can set yourself limits. You can also use the ad from Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Do not forget about SEO

When you add posts in WordPress, remember that you should complete the fields related to SEO, so that your texts will be quickly found by Google and Bing users and number of visits at your blog will grow.

Marketing of your blog

Some think that blogger is profession. Profession  which can bring amazing benefits, but also a profession that can turn out as a door to unemployment. To get paid to blog, for doing what you love, what you like and what you’re interested in, you need to perform some additional steps that are not difficult, but require from us a little time, effort and regularity. With these ingredients we can expect in the distal or proximal future the success of our blog.