How to increase the capability of my WordPress?


Every advanced product may be used in either 10% or 100% depending on the users’ attitude. The same comes with the WordPress. How to expand its capability and enjoy fully satisfying usage of this CMS?


This is one of the first issues that should have been taken into consideration. The time of loading our page may tell us a lot about its general speed and what eventually slows it down. Checking your website’s speed is possible thanks to the Pingdom Website Speed Test. This tool will analyze our domain and inform about any variances. All you have to do is visit website and type down the URL address of your webpage.


Another real concern especially referring to websites with great movements. Hosting is responsible for the space for our whole content contained onto our webpage. Incorrect hosting results in action stoppage, longer page speed or more often breakdowns. We risk our customers’ trust, our time, our money and what is most important – our work. No doubt it is crucial for the future of your website to choose the best hosting supplier.


The best format for images placed on your website is .jpg, which minimize the size of the photo and makes our page speed more effective. There is a wide variety of different useful plugins connected with images on your webpage. Below we present few ones worth mentioning:

  • Smush.It

This plugin conducts optimization with no harm on the quality or the look of the photos.

  • Imsanity

Decreases the size of the photo while uploading.

  • BJ Lazy Load

Interesting item allowing to upload actual files or in other words given area on the user’s screen. Very helpful in order to increase the page speed


Cache is an activity, which remembers certain operations while executing given order. Thanks to that our server doing specific order for the second time, will automatically collect all the data from the disk instead of executing everything from the very beginning. This really lighten the server and is a huge facilitation for our website. There are two most popular and best plugins, which are useful while considering cache. The best would be to try both of them and then recognize which one is more suitable for your needs.

  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache


As you may notice, capability of your WordPress depends on multiple factors and definitely does take some time. However, it is worth to dedicate some effort into this matter and enjoy quick and impressing website.