How to instal WordPress?


For every new web user, who wish to start using WordPress, we want to introduce few simple and quick steps which provide all information needed to successful instal.


To instal WordPress we firstly need WWW server with to interpret PHP installed (at least version 5.2.4) and MySQL database. Such technologies are supported by particularly every hosting company, so everything depends on our expectations, preferences and the purse.


Now we need to download WordPress instal package. There is nothing that could go wrong during this activity, although you have to remember about one, unbreakable rule – we download WP instal package ONLY from official WP website. There is really no point in doing it from any other source.


After downloading instal package we have to unpack it and output all files onto public catalogue of our server (by any FTP client).


Another step is to create a space, where WordPress will be able to to keep all the figures – a database. We do it in administrative panel (e.g. cPanel), on the homepage in “MySQL database” section. We will find there “create a database” icon. Now we have to just click on it and make up the name of our database.


At this moment we should create a new user for our database. Choose login and password, save it and proceed by giving specific powers. We already have our database and user ready to work.


We have to now turn on WordPress installer. We do it by typing the name of our new website (which does not exist YET!) and read the WP installer welcome page. We have to click “create with configuration” button and fill in missing figures (the name of database, the name of the user, password, database server address) and as we have them all already. To finish this process click “Send”


If all data were correct, our installation process went duly. Now we have to give the name of our new website and create the main administrator account. We already have all information needed and can click “instal” button and that is it! WP will let us know about the successful finish :)