How to install plugin in WordPress?

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Using your WordPress site you must also use some plugins. There a lot of to choose in WP market and it’s extremely important to have them because of their improving and speeding up of the system. If you’re beginner in this CMS you definitely should know how to install plugin. Let’s do it! 

First you just have to choose the plugin you want. We’ve created a lot of lists of useful and the best plugins so far so you can read about them and decide which ones will be the best for you.

1. First step is to go to the admin panel and on the left side pick the “Plugins” button, then “Add new“. In this are you can find your plug by writing its name in the filling gap and click “Install” or you can manually upload it on your website (after you first download it at your computer) by choosing the “Upload” menu.

2. After this long but very easy first step, go again go the admin panel, again choose the Plugins ( but don’t click to the “Add new”) and then find your downloaded plugin and click the button “Activate“. Done!