How to install WordPress on BlueHost?


If you begin the adventure of the Internet and decided to use WordPress, you are well on your way to the ease and pleasure to run your blog or web page. However, before you become famous bloggers, your first action will be to install this tool, so that your site will look professional, and you, even if you have no clue about programming, you will be able to use a lot of features that this CMS offers.

Installing WordPress

BlueHost is one of the largest hosting providers, and thus, offers a useful and easy-to-use solution. WordPress installation is done, of course in the Administration Panel that on BlueHost is called cPanel. After logging into the hosting,  click on WordPress icon. Then choose the option “Install”.


The name of the blog

Now, we should choose a domain that has already been assigned to the hosting. The next step is to enter the name of the blog (its title) as well as to establish a login and password, through which we will log into WordPress. Remember that both the title of the blog, as well as the username and password, you can change at any time the existence of a blog. After filling the fields, click “Install”.


After that click, WordPress is already installed. The next step is to log into the  WordPress admin panel . How to do it? Enter your website’s address in the address of the web browser and add a suffix of “wp-admin” (eg. Then, you should see a window where you can log using the login and password previously established in cPanel.

That’s really the end!

That’s it! Installing WordPress cunning successfully, and you can meet with the WordPress’ cockpit  and start to create truly professional blog! WordPress offers so many different plugins and themes that blogging becomes really easy, fast and fun. To the work, bloggers!