How to make a WordPress backup?

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There is nothing any WordPress user need less than another stressful factor – possibility of losing all data from our websites. Such scope may be validated by not only our own’s unwitting fault or hackers’ break-in but also unforeseen server crash or even incorrect, automatic WordPress update. Due to that reasons complete creation of your website’s backup is essential.

Variety of backups

There are two basic manners used for making full WordPress backup: manual and automatic. However, first way is much more absorbing and involves superfluous user’s time by forming regular backup once in a while. All you need to do is connect with the server through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and upload files on computer’s hard disk.
Nonetheless, we strongly advise to take advantage of automatic backup, which saves a lot of your time.

Step by step

First step you have to make is to login to your WordPress administrative panel and find “Plug-ins” bookmark, which are present in the menu, on the left side. Click the “add new one” and type the name of plug-in to your search engine (for example “BackWPup”). After finding particular plug-in you have to now install it on your computer.

Next step providing backup is to activate your freshly installed plug-in by simple click in “include the plug-in” link.

After above activities a new option (under the name of installed plug-in) will be available in your administrative panel. Now, our new plug-in has to be configured, which means we need to give it the first order. Click “add new”, type down your e-mail address and select “activate scheduling”. The rest of the options may stay default, however you may also change the cyclical of your backups to optimal criteria.

It’s all about making you life easier

This is the very easy and pleasant way of protecting your work. After saving changes in your WordPress panel the backup will automatically take place in the recommended period of time. All data will be copied and send to given e-mail address.

Prevent yourself from unnecessary stress and possibility of losing all your precious work by making your WordPress backup right away!