How to make money with WordPress?


Except for its main purpose, which is ability to create blogs and websites, WordPress also offers us possibility to earn money. What and how can we do to profit from this CMS?


We already mentioned this issue in one of our previous articles, however it is still one of the most popular ways of benefiting thanks to WP. Although the presence of a great number of plugins, there are still new ones needed. If you want to be sure that what you are going to create will be sold, think about some real problem or issue which is still not solved by any, already made plugins. You can sell them at CodeCanyon, your own blog or totally different, separate website established just for this matter.


If you are a graphic designer, WP offers you the easiest way to make money by simple creation of the new themes. Remember about targeting your product to the given group of people, as it has to be practical and intuitive, not only good looking! If from various reasons you do not want to be a full-time WP themes development freelancer, you may always join a venture or a team that is already in the business. You will have less work and more time. You may also customize already made themes for the specific companies or individual clients. Selling themes happens at ThemeForest, Mojo Themes or Creative Market, or you may also establish your own website for this specific purpose.


Another issue, which was already considered in our blog. If you are a WP expert, you may easily earn some extras by offering consulting services. Lots of companies, businesses or individual clients take advantage of this service. To be successful in this case you should take care of your own website which is going to show your future clients all the knowledge and skills you have. Concerning the level of the competition in this area, it is crucial to put as much effort as it is possible in marketing.


Are you good at writing? Doing research about the given subject and describing it with your own words make you satisfied and it actually sounds and looks good? This proposition is perfect for you. There are various job offers for the content writers at e.g. ProBlogger Job Board, Odesk, peopleperhour and so on. There is also a possibility of earning some money thanks to visiting our favorite websites or blogs. Many popular webpages have application subpages, where you may submit some of your work and articles and get paid for them if used.


This is the least demanding offer for making money. You actually do not need much of the excellent software developer skills, there are just few simple technical issues, which should be taken care of when offering blog setup service. You should install WP, upload themes, add all the necessary plugins and so on. There is a big demand for this service among WP users, as sometimes they need blog only for PR or marketing reasons and do not have much in common with this matters. You may offer your services on your website, in the social media or anywhere else visible for the potential clients.

These are few main skills, which are really profitable on the WordPress market. Taking care of one of them will surely increase your experience and improve your income.