How to monetize your blog?


Blog definitely is an idea to make money. It may be the main source of income and brings many other benefits. However, running a blog is really hard work, and only those who are regularly improve their blogs wait patiently for “this” moment, can achieve success. How to start making money on the blog? What steps to take to our passion turned into a source of income?

Direct Ad Sales

The first way to make money is direct sale of advertising space on your blog. It is a way of monthly salary, the amount of which can often go beyond your wildest expectations. Of course, you must remember to keep your balance. The idea is that you do not cheat yourself and of course readers who immediately recognize that the blogger simply was “sold”. It does not cause neither more readers nor greater sympathy among fans.


A lot of companies offer affiliate programs bloggers, whereby, in return for generating sales, receive commissions. The amounts are usually determined or are percent of total sales. Often such action also join promotions for readers, making increasing the sale of products, bloggers earn, and readers enjoy discounted pricing. As in the previous paragraph, you should exercise restraint and not to cooperate with any company that has just come out with the offer. This behavior is very frustrating for readers and discourage future visits your blog.


Consultation and freelancing are very valuable. Having some knowledge and the opportunity to share it with others is a service that can be the source of your income. So if you are running a blog with strict topics, technical, marketing or advertising and you’re competent person in this field, you’ve found themselves in the right place at the right time. Pure knowledge supported by arguments and evidence is now very valuable and can raise not only balance but also the authority of the blogger.

(well)Paid posts

Paid links are an idea to monetize your blog in very simple way, but on the other hand, it’s extremely difficult. It is very important to bloggers to know from the very beginning of the blog in which direction they want to go and what brands they want to work with. If your blog is focused in IT area, you just cannot write about clothes because some clothing company paid you very well. I repeat once again – your readers are not stupid! And believe me, they’ll realize faster than you that something is not as it should be and you sold your soul.

It’s not a piece of cake to be a serious blogger. You have to be careful and exercise restraint. Cooperation with large companies is extremely useful and pays off, but remember that blog must be uniform, and you must be constitute authority, who will be able to convince of yours authenticity. If you manage this art, blogging will be not only a pleasure, but pure profit.