How to move the traffic into the website?

Photo of successful businessman reading lecture to his colleagues at presentation of new project

It’s extremely important to be aware of the fact that, that traffic on your social media channels are not always gradually moving traffic on the website. But there are several activities by which you can move the traffic to the website.


The most important is to choose right social media channels thanks to which you can successfully move your traffic to website. And we bet that your first thought was Facebook. Honestly… yes, you’re right! Facebook still is one of the most important social networking channel but not only. But first, let’s talk about this giant and powerfull tool. The most important is to carry about personalized profile address which is extremely important in Facebook world of funpages. Second of all, design of the funpage must be compact and look really nice. But the thing you can’t forget about is our content. You can write about your products in many ways, not only in serious but also funny. Sometimes you have to organize competitions on your wall and one day you’ll have to organize real competition with real rewards using for example your…that’s right, your website!


Thanks to this tool you can also make a huge traffic at your website. For example, if you have an online store, Instagram will be your favourite social media channel. Why? Because of its new function thanks to which your customers will be able to shop from the Instagram account by clicking in link below the photo. What is the power of Instagram? Of course – hashtags. You can use them, make a traffic at your account and then direct users straight to your website.


Twitter has a really strong power but you have to know how to use it. The basic activities on Twitter which definitely will help in moving your traffic into website are hashtags, tagging the conversations and shorten linking. Speaking of hashtags – try to choose them very carefully and respectively. It’s not that you add a thousand hashtags with hope that it’s going to be a real traffic at your account. Less is more, remember about it.


YouTube is a place in the digital world from where you can move the traffic to the website in a few simple ways. First of all, don’t forget about directing links in your bio and in description of the video. Secondly, there is an option in YT to advertise your website by adding frames with references – use it. And finally, before or(and) after the movie you’re uploading, place the relevant links.


It’s not that hard to move your traffic from Google+ to website but you have to remember about few important rules. First of all in section with informations about your company, you should fill it with highest accuracy – except of your website’s link, you should place there Google Maps and full description of your company.

Follow these simple tips and trust us, you will se the results. Remeber, that growing up on Social Media field it’s not so easy and the strategy should be longterm. So, remember, don’t be discouraged!