How to move WordPress to another server? Tips&Tricks included!


If you’ve ever considered about moving your blog to another server but you didn’t know how to do it, this article will help you thanks to all needed steps that you must follow to properly move your blog. So, from what you should start?

1. Copy your wp-content catalog to the drive
First of all, you must log in at FTP account using a FTP client. Then, you can go to the directory where the installation of WordPress and download it to disk. Remember, that more plugins, templates and directory backup system means that the FTP client will spend much more time at downloading data. If you want to save time, you should earlier delete from your wp-content catalog all the adds which you’re not using.

2. Copy all of the files and folders you’ve created in WordPress
That sentence means everything. You should copy all the files and folders which had been created by you. Copy them to your computer. There is no need to copy also the configuration files and files created during the installation.

3. Make a copy of the database
This step is very important, which will make that your blog will run well. Database includes all the informations about your blog’s configuration. It means, that all the plugins, templates and revisions of entries are is included in database. How you should do this? You can use your WP-DB Manager plugin or WP-DB-Backup plugin. After installation one of these plugins, your next step is to find “database” button and choose “BackUp DB” and click the “BackUp”.

If your blog which you want to move, includes a lot of data, choose also the option “GZIP Database BackUp File”. After this step, when your database’s copy is on your drive, you can finally start moving your website to the new server.

4. Install your blog at new sever
This step is the easiest, I think. All you must do is install WordPress blog. If you want to install your blog in the main directory of WordPress, clear the “In directory” overlap. Remember, that you should also change the name of your new database which will help you during the updating at another step of this procedure.

5. Update you WP-content directory
Now you can log in at your new FTP account and replace the WP-content directory from the previous server. To do this correctly, first you must delete wp-content directory at your new server and then upload this one which you had copied earlier. It will take some time, but remember, that you have to wait to the moment in which all of the files will be properly send to the server.

6. Upload you database
First, you must delete the newly created database and upload database’s copy from previous server. After this, you can log in into the phpmyadmin and update the database. On the left side find your new database from step 4. Select “all the tables”, then “delete” and confirm it. After this, choose “Import”, “location of a text file” and confirm it.

7. Update your “site url” in WordPress database.
This step is very easy. All you must do, is installing the “Velvet Blues Update URLs” plugin, choose “Update URLs”, write your previous blog’s address, write the new one and that’s it! That’s all you have to do to move your blog to another server! Good luck!