How to optimize the pictures on our website? Plug, through which everything becomes very easy!


Expressing words using images falls to us for very long in the memory,also we love often visualize our thoughts and it’s for us a lot fun. Therefore blogs with pictures are very popular and we just like to watch all these beautiful pictures. For bloggers and site owners to add a large number of images can be a problem. Why? Graphics are heavy and large quantities significantly can slow down the loading of the page. What to do to avoid such problems?

Optimization of files

You can of course manually optimize images, but you can also make use of plug-ins, so that the optimization becomes more enjoyable and definitely will go faster. There are a lot of plugins that optimize the photos, but one of the best is Prizm Image. How does Prizm Image? This plugin sends the image files on their servers, where there is a whole process optimization.

Plug configuration

After installation and activation plug-ins, you can go to the WP Prizm Image and implement appropriate actions as entering a license key. Get it after the assumption of a free account on the site. Also, we can set the image quality even with very high quality, which already provide a reduction in the size of the files.


The option of Remove JPEG metadata cleaning all tags except those that define authorship. The Mode Select JPEG compression ensures extortion or hierarchical progressive JPEG files.

If the option is enabled on Automatically upload process, the entire optimization process will be run automatically without our interference. Option How many should we wait for a response from Prizm Image? determines how long, in seconds, the plug will wait until a response from the server, which optimizes the files. The default is set to 120 seconds and there is no need to change it.

In the Media Library you will find information about this reducing the file. The plug can reduce the file size by up to half, however, it may be that the image will be reduced, eg. only about 35%. It all depends on how you have saved the original files.


It’s easy, fast and fun

Of course, there are plenty of other plugins available that also optimize the files, but Prizm Image does not require us to install special software, which is often very difficult to do, or simply impossible. Prizm Image is an extension of paid, but effects its actions are really recommendable and very useful.